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Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

Caroline de Boissieu's plastic work, whose starting point is photography, is distinguished by the original use of translucent materials such as plexiglass and flowing water as a factor of metamorphosis. The resulting evanescence of contours, from which nevertheless emerges the precision of the matrix shot, gives birth to a dreamlike and poetic world. As in a dream, everything is suggested, seems fleeting but haunting. The presence seems to reflect an absence and the fluid and mysterious movement, where real and unreal combine, make up a moving palette, constantly recomposed.

The artist's universe is easily identifiable. The force of the elements predominates there - waves, power of the waves, shores which hint at the omnipresence of a sometimes invisible sea, where the silhouettes of children lost on the shore are outlined, the almost aerial impulse of barely silhouettes. sketches that seem to be pushed by the wind - but also emblematic portraits that bring out a strong and striking news from the imagination: victorious Obama already shaken by an uncontrolled current, Sakineh whose veiled beauty is dislocated, given over to the mists of an unthinkable future .

A plural work that resembles fresco, decoration and poetic evocation, where transparency and movement combine to suggest a quest, a flight, fleeting signs, inscriptions in a moving space. Original and demanding work, for which the artist wishes to compose his own frames, like a craftsman. In these translucent cases, the signs, imprints, marks, reflections of memory, shimmer under the light. Expressions of a vital impulse trapped in time and forces which transcend it, universal quality of a visual imprint which lends itself to the personal interpretation of the spectator, subtly invited to project himself into the motif, at the frontiers of consciousness and unconscious, as in a daydream.