"Freeing herself from the grip of labels, she throws a bridge from Decorative Arts to Fine Arts".

My paintings are freed from their frames and blend in with the scenery.


I turn to the decorative arts, and create works imbued with poetry. On the tracing paper, the water and the inks I use flow and give life to an infinity of nuances and subtleties. Their conjugation would a priori guide the contemplator of my works towards more distant cultural horizons: Chinese reminiscences, various empathies... 


My work, from both an aesthetic and technical point of view, is thus intended to serve architecture, interior decoration and design in order to decorate spaces. 

A glass work for the CHANZY Barracks


In 2019, I created for the MARRIOTT Hotel the CHANZY Barracks in Reims, a glass work for the 90 bathrooms. 


The gilding of the original work, as well as the search for details, are an evocation of the world of luxury. As for the treatment, it resolutely places the work in the world of decorative arts. With this work, I navigate from Fine Arts to Decorative Arts.


"We then understand the very broad architectural and decorative character that its original technique of laminated or glass-printed work can offer: facades, glass doors, claustras, backlit decorations and so many other possibilities are awakening in our minds.


From this hotel project was born for Caroline the desire to develop her collaborations with interior designers whose strong artistic and emotional potential she feels."


Annie PATE 

Responsible for a showroom of quality materials

for architects and decorators

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