NEWS - Presentation by Caroline de Boissieu of her work SUNA presents in the bathrooms of the CASERNE CHANZY, new Marriott HOTEL in Reims.

I create painted works that are intended to dress spaces.
Transparency is my trademark. I paint on layers. The water and inks I use run down this layer and give life to an infinite number of nuances and subtleties.

The transposition of my works on other supports in transparency such as glass imposed itself on me as an obvious.


My work, from an aesthetic and technical point of view, is thus destined to be at the service of architecture, interior decoration and design.

For the CASERNE CHANZY, my work SUNA dresses the glass walls of the 90th bathrooms.

The gold of the original work, as well as the search for details, are also an evocation of the world of luxury. 

The treatment, meanwhile, resolutely inscribes the work in the world of decorative arts.With this work, I sail from Fine Arts to Decorative Arts.

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