Transparency is my favorite subject 



It is naturally that i turn to increasingly clear supports: layer,

then glass to let the exterior lighting pass through

and animate my pictorial creations. 

Water, source of inspiration, finds power, depth and life. 

The use of glass leads me to exploit the architectural dimension

of my paintings.

I conceive some of my works as an integral part of buildings where they introduce their clarity. 


In collaboration with glass makers and architects,I creates works to animate the interior and exterior

Technically, her work eliminates the contours. 

Water, ink, pastels, and Plexiglas are her materials of choice.  Her important work guides her viewers towards cultural and emotional horizons reminiscent of Chinese art with a diverse empathy

- Emmanuel Lincot

She transposes her paintings to the urban scale, dresses facades, investing urban space, declining for a building, a district, the brightness and fluidity of natural forces.


Caroline de Boissieu lives and works in Paris. She is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Having founded her own studio, she continues her work around her favourite themes: water, light, transparency and their exploitation in the city.

She has exhibited in France, abroad. She is also present in the collection of the Banque du Luxembourg.

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